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about-affirmThe AFrica Focus on Intervention Research for Mental Health (AFFIRM) hub is a research and capacity development hub, established in 6 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

AFFIRM aims to investigate cost effective interventions for mental health disorders, through task-sharing by Community Health Workers in South Africa, and Primary Health Care workers in Ethiopia.

AFFIRM is led from the University of Cape Town, and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), USA. It includes four components to address the specific aims:
1) Two randomised controlled trials on task shifting: one each in Ethiopia and South Africa;  2) A capacity building component primarily focused on the MPhil programme in Public Mental Health and a series of short courses, offered by UCT and Stellenbosch University; 3) A shared project across all NIMH hubs, examining scalability and replicability of task shifting interventions, and 4) Regular meetings to establish a network of collaborators in mental health research within sub-Saharan Africa, between AFFIRM, other hubs, the NIMH, and local researchers and mental health specialists. Read More…