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AFFIRM MPhil Fellows and their Thesis Topics


Japhet Myaba (Ghana): The Prevalence and Predictors of Antipsychotic Medication Non-adherence among Clients with Psychotic Disorders in Mzimba, Malawi.
Winifred Nalukenge (Uganda): AN exploration into experiences of HIV-infected adolescents with mental disorders and their explanatory models for mental disorder in rural and urban Uganda.
Emeka Chinweuba Nwefoh (Nigeria): Cost-outcome study of schizophrenia care in Primary Health Centres in Benue state, Nigeria.
Fikirte Girma Bayou (Ethiopia): Care pathways for pregnant women with depression who receive mhGAP packages of care in the Sodo district health centres, Ethiopia: Informing development of maternal mental health care in antenatal clinics.
Peninah Kansiime (Uganda): Barriers and Facilitators to Physical and Mental Health Help-Seeking among Congolese Male Refugee Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence living in Kampala.
Nyamadzawo Chivese (Zimbabwe): An exploration of the perceptions of risk and protective factors for illicit drug use among young persons aged between 18 and 24 years in Mufakose, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Seth Asafo (Ghana).
Prasansa Subba (Nepal): A Formative Study on the Adaptation of Mental Health Promotion Programs for Perinatal Depression in West Chitwan.


Rabia 2014 pic

Rabia Khan (Zimbabwe): Experiences of disclosure and non-disclosure to mothers in 12-19 year old HIV infected adolescents attending an HIV care clinic at a tertiary care hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe: A qualitative study.
Beatrice 2014 pic Beatrice Williams (Ghana): Experiences of homelessness among mentally ill people who have been treated at Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Ghana.
Blessings MPhil A 2014 Blessings Chikasema (Malawi): Satisfaction of users attending mental health services in Blantyre and Thyolo district psychiatric clinics in Malawi.
Tigest MPhil B 2014 Tigist Zerihun (Ethiopia): Family planning for women with severe mental disorders attending integrated mental health services in primary care in rural Ethiopia: A Qualitative Study.
Megan2 2014 Megan Malan (South Africa): The prevalence of Interpersonal violence and the association with childhood trauma, alcohol abuse and exposure to community violence among women attending a Midwife Obstetric Unit in the Western Cape.
Nicola2 2014 Nicola Willis (Zimbabwe): Subjective experiences of depression and perceptions of care among depressed adolescents living with HIV attending a community support programme in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Connie MPhil 2014 Connie Olwit (Uganda): Attitudes towards people with mental illness: a cross-sectional study among nursing staff in health facilities in Amolatar district, Uganda.
Domoubley2 2014 pic Demoubly Kokota (Malawi): Evaluating outcomes of mhGap based training for primary health workers in Mulanje, Malawi.



Desalegn Bekele (Ethiopia): Unmet physical health care needs in persons with severe mental illness at Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
mphil_lily Lily Kpobi (Ghana): Barriers and Facilitators in the use of the Mental Health Information System in Ghana: A Qualitative Study amongst Users at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.
ignicious Ignicious Murambidzi (Zimbabwe): Conceptualisation of mental illness among the Christian clergy in Harare, Zimbabwe.
mphil_chitsanzo Chintsanzo Mafuta (Malawi): Prevalence of Moderate and High risk substance use and service needs among psychiatric inpatients at Zomba Mental Hospital in Malawi.



Lynda Nakalawa (Uganda): Exploring knowledge and explanatory models of mental illness among HIV counselors in Uganda.
mphil_peter Peter Yaro (Ghana): Scaling up mental health services in Ghana: key stakeholder perspective on the integration of traditional healers into formal mental healthcare services in northern Ghana.
mphil_michael Michael Udedi (Malawi): Health service utilization by patients with common mental disorder identified by the SRQ-20 in a primary care setting in Zomba, Malawi: A descriptive study.
Bazondile Marimbe Bazondile Marimbe (Zimbabwe): The Percieved Impact of a Relative’s Mental Illness on the Family Members, their Reported Coping Strategies and Needs: A Zimbabwean Study.

Yonas Alemu (Ethiopia): Pathways to psychiatric care for young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis.