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Shared Project

AFFIRM is working on a 'shared project', which involves joint participation from all of the NIMH hubs, and involves research related to the implementation of task sharing interventions.

Methodological tools necessary to evaluate task sharing approaches have not yet been created in relation to mental health care; treatment guidelines for how task sharing can be implemented have not been examined; and the extent to which different contexts and different cultures impact the process and quality of task sharing is currently unknown.
Consequently, the shared project title is: A mixed-methods evaluation of task sharing: barriers and facilitators.

The specific objectives of this project are to: Identify perceptions of barriers and facilitators to task-sharing from perspectives of health and community workers, mental health professionals, clients, and other relevant persons in the health care system; develop tools based on the identified barriers and facilitators, including items that are relevant across the NIMH Hub study sites, and use them to monitor and evaluate their impact on the task-sharing services.

This will be achieved through: Qualitative assessments to identify relevant facilitators and barriers to task sharing; Instrument adaptation, development, testing and validation to develop monitoring tools; and Implementation of task-sharing monitoring tools within the trials, to evaluate patterns and changes as programs are rolled out. The Ethiopian TaSCS trial will be the site for this shared project in the AFFIRM Hub, and the Principal Investigator is Charlotte Hanlon.