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Angela Ofori Atta


Name: Angela L. Ofori-Atta, Ph.D
Organization and country: Dept of Psychiatry, University of Ghana Medical School, Ghana

My role in AFFIRM is… as a member of the Ghana AFFIRM team. Our role is in capacity building starting with supporting the AFFIRM MPhil fellows from Ghana and being part of the networking in AFFIRM.

What interests me about working in the field of mental health research is… ensuring through good information systems that we have evidence for advocacy and for therapeutic interventions.

I find that the biggest challenges about working in the field of mental health research are… difficulties with finding interested funding partners.

If I wasn’t doing what I do now, I would be… in politics enacting policy to improve access to mental health care.

Additional comments… I think Affirm’s work has the potential to impact mental health in developing countries greatly. Kudos!!