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Seggane Musisi


Name: Seggane Musisi, MD, FRCP(C)
Organization and country: Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Kampala. UGANDA

My role in AFFIRM is collaborating PI in Uganda in charge of the Shared Research project here

What interests me about working in the field of mental health research is mental health is largely marginalised in the health sector in Africa. Yet it affects us ALL everyday in nearly all that we do. We use our brains every day, every second. That which works so hard all the time, surely can sometimes wear down. To me, mental health research is the way to answer man's insatiable quest for improvement of our livelihoods and of humanity.

I find that the biggest challenges about working in the field of mental health research are the constant awe with which we all view mental health issues; the inability to have quick fixes….no bed-net solutions. One needs staying power in mental health research.

If I wasn't doing what I do now, I would be very bored. Mental health is a constant intellectual challenge. It invigorates one.

Additional comments we need to do more to increase mental health literacy. Mental illness is here to stay. It has always been around since the evolution of the Central Nervous System. As long as each one of us has an organ called the brain in our body, we can all have mental ill-health. No one is immune. Brains form ideas. Ideas move the world. Deranged ideas are destructive. So it behoves us all to do more mental health research to improve the human condition.